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We are bold thinkers with creative ideas. We offer companies the opportunity to maximize their performance by ensuring their brands, communications strategies and marketing platforms are as strong as their products, services and processes.

As veterans of the agency world with over 40 years of combined experience in branding and marketing communications, we have worked with some of North America’s biggest and most successful brands. 

Our expertise is helping businesses achieve their next level of growth. Business leaders are often focused on delivering their products and services, and rightly so, but they often need help in developing a strong overall strategy.

Our role is to make sure an organization’s brand is performing at its highest level and is working in harmony with all the other key aspects of the business to produce the best possible results.

Sometimes reaching ‘that next level’ requires bold thinking and innovative ideas. We are there to help business leaders BE BOLD by arming them with fresh ideas and intelligent, well-planned strategies. We truly believe in the adage: ‘Success favours the bold’.

Why Clients Choose Us


In the day-to-day challenges of running an organization, business leaders often find it difficult to determine whether the company brand is generating goodwill and business – or if it is static and under-performing. We enable them to see the bigger picture and clear a path for improvement. In an economy that is constantly changing and moves with the speed of a computer click, we provide strong, workable solutions.


Part and parcel to maintaining a high performing brand is a strong communications strategy. Business leaders need to know if the company is sending out the right corporate message in a clear and powerful way. We have the expertise and experience to make sure the right people are hearing the right message.

We also have experience in specialized research that supports brand and communications decision making. The research we conduct is sharply focused and economically efficient. Company leaders may think they have a strong read on their customers and stakeholders – research can confirm that or identify areas for improvement.

Finally, smart business leaders know that change is inevitable and embrace it. These decision makers realize that help in the right areas can engage their customer base and produce positive results. They come to us because we offer that tailor-made help through clear, highly focused strategies.

Who We Are

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