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How We Work

Today's consumer mindset has changed.

In today's quickly changing modern economy, communications no longer move in one direction. Clients, customers, stakeholders and the general public all demand to be part of the conversation.

They want a deeper connection with the products and services they buy and the brands they choose. They want to be engaged, consulted and involved in the process.

Creating an emotional attachment that binds customers to a brand is an elusive thing but it all starts with a plan - a solid brand strategy that can be launched into action and pegged to the bottom line.

Brand planning, with a focus on customer engagement, is critical to building revenue and long term success.

Brand Strategy

Call us when ...​

you are creating a new brand or re-invigorating and old one

you are launching a new product or service

you need a channel neutral marketing strategy (from traditional to digital and mobile)

you want to re-engage your customers

you want to understand the perceptions around your brand

you are stuck and need a new perspective 

ReBoot Workshops

ReBoot is more than just a workshop.

It is a full day of creative thinking, team building and goal oriented planning.

It is a day of rigorous exchange and a forum for developing fresh ideas.

ReBoot is a thorough one day workshop that allows clients to fast-track the strategy and planning process. This workshop leads to building a comprehensive brand strategy and plan – a chance to clean house, open up all the doors and windows and get back to the basics. 

It’s an easy process that helps clients move forward – using unique and innovative methodology that fires up the planning process.

Benefits of a Facilitator

We are ready, willing and available to work with teams large and small whenever there

is a need for a trained facilitator – and that’s almost always the situation.

Clients often try to do it themselves, but those clients often tell us that the process results in a misallocation of company time and resources.

Call us when…

• you have a business problem that needs to be resolved in a focused and disciplined


• you are in need of some fresh ideas or creative energy for your product or service
• you want to do a deep dive into channel neutral marketing
and all the latest and

  greatest in that space (from traditional to digital and mobile)


​Specialized Training

Call us when…

• you need staff training on presentation skills, new business development skills or

  communications skills

• your corporate spokespeople need media training
• your team needs pitch training


How We Energise, Engage & Educate


We Offer…​

full and half day workshops
• seminars
• corporate retreats
• large and small group training

Facilitation & Training

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